Sara V, BizzBuzzTV

Calling all future prima ballerinas! Before you pirouette across the stage, get all of your dance attire at Glitter & Grime right in downtown Fairfield. The minute you arrive, the entire store is covered from floor to ceiling in sparkling tutus, colorful leotards, and outfits that will suit any dancer, gymnast, or anyone who wants a little exercise.

Glitter & Grime’s owner, Vicky, takes great pride in dressing the students of local dance studios, including their neighbor Flash Pointe. They carry a wide variety of merchandise including a full line of dance shoes and outfits for both practice and performance. But even for those of us who don’t perform on stage, Glitter & Grime has plenty of options for the gym, yoga, or even just lounging around the house.

Since the shop is predominately for dancers, Vicky offers performance makeup, tights, and tons of glamorous costumes that will make any ballerina shine and sparkle in the spotlight. Customers can also request a variety of pointe shoes, so they can changement at the barre in shoes that are both beautiful and supportive. The name of the shop, Glitter & Grime, cleverly originates from the pizzazz of performance matched with the challenging practice of ballet and gymnastics. Due to this perspective, customers will not only look great, but they’ll feel great, too.

Glitter & Grime is having tons of sales during the Sidewalk Sale, so don’t miss this opportunity to dazzle the audience at your next performance!