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Eat and Enjoy at Chef’s Table

Sara V, BizzBuzzTV
With music echoing out onto the streets of downtown Fairfield, Chef’s Table is certainly a town treasure. To accompany the tasty food and drink and wonderful live musicians, the friendly faces at Chef’s Table make the whole experience memorable. As customers try out the salad bar, some hot soup, or a nice […]

Chloe’s Closet – A Children’s Boutique That is Unique!

Sara V, BizzBuzzTV
When you wander into Chloe’s Closet, a fun children’s boutique right in Heritage Square in downtown Fairfield, you’ll see for yourself the walls lined with fabulous colors and patterns to add to your child’s closet. From the cutest baby jumper to the sleek party dress, Chloe’s Closet provides an eclectic mix of […]

Relax For a Weekend at the Inn At Fairfield Beach

Brianna V, BizzBuzzTV
Just a short walk from the beach, tucked away on the corner of Reef Road, is the Inn at Fairfield Beach. Huddled right in between the public beachfront and the private beach houses, it’s a true gem, especially for a summertime escape to one of the most scenic and beautiful beachfronts in […]

Hazel Daze: A Funky Home Boutique

Sara V., BizzBuzzTV
To spice up your home this summer, come on down to Hazel Daze on Post Road in Fairfield for exciting gift ideas, pieces by local artists, or that special something to add to your home décor. At first you’ll think you’ve entered an art gallery in lower Manhattan, but Hazel Daze has […]

Chic Jolie – European Fashions in the Center of Fairfield!

Sara V., BizzBuzzTV

The minute you walk into Chic Jolie, the brand new addition to the Brickwalk Promenade in downtown Fairfield, you are instantly transported to a French boutique in the heart of Paris. With rows of vibrant colors, bold designs, and fashionable accessories, Chic Jolie is the best place to be for your summer […]

Sidewalk Sale Specials!

Brianna V, BizzBuzzTV
Don’t forget to join in one of the biggest sales events in the town of Fairfield this year! The Sidewalk Sale is happening on Saturday, July 27th, from 10am to 4pm rain or shine, and it’s gearing up to be one of the best and most eventful Sidewalk Sales to date. BizzBuzzTV […]

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Paci Paparazzi Dinner!

Brianna V, BizzBuzzTV
Around 6:30 in the evening on Thursday June 6th, the first of the guests for Paci’s first ever Paparazzi Dinner started trickling through the door of the restaurant. They mingled in the bar and sat sipping on delicate glasses of prosecco while Jeffrey Hennig, Paci’s energetic and more-than-capable manager, flitted among them, […]

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Fairfield Center Jewelers, “From Our Family To Yours”

Brianna V, BizzBuzzTV
Nestled along the Post Road in downtown Fairfield is one of the town’s oldest family-owned businesses, and the oldest family-owned jeweler: Fairfield Center Jeweler’s. Since 1933, Fairfield Center Jewelers has been serving residents of Fairfield County and has been a staple in the community for over 80 years. Founded by Louis Sussman, […]

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La Moda Fashions

Discover Yourself Through The Art Of Shopping & Fashion!
Brianna V, BizzBuzzTV Talent
I stepped through the door of La Moda fashion here in downtown Fairfield and the first thing that struck me was the colors.  From vibrant pinks and reds to pastel yellows and blues—I was surrounded by colors. Belts with big, bejeweled buckles were […]

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Get Those Food Beauties Lined Up For The Camera

The Fairfield Restaurant Week gig is over and the feedback has been great!

Tons of people visited the 34 participating restaurants and had the chance to try out a variety of world cuisine.

As part of the Restaurant Week video production crew, it was quite a ride.

Within a month’s time, we interviewed, filmed and edited all the videos!

As Rose called […]

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