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AVID Hints: The Freeze Frame

In editing, there are moments where you either fail to accurately present your idea or lack the program knowledge to make it happen. The good news is that there is no need to worry, it is all part of the learning curve and we all experience these moments at some point.
A very useful technique, […]

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Rock On Restaurateurs!

Hey, it’s Rose, one of your friendly BizzBuzzTV hosts, reminding you to check out Restaurant Week in Fairfield, starting October 14th!  I’ve been having a blast, talking to all the geniuses behind the food here in Fairfield, and I’m starting to notice a pattern with all the owners that I interview.  They all tell […]

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It’s Crunch Time!

Hey everyone!  Rose here again, checking in during the final days of Fairfield Restaurant Week production!  I think we’re all about 10 pounds heavier after filming and of course, tasting all the out-of-this-world food right here in Fairfield.  Now we’re just finishing filming some of our last locations, and then lots of editing–it’s crunch […]

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Italian Phrase of the Day: “Bella Sera”

Hey guys, Rose here!!  Just filmed over at Bella Sera Ristorante, which is Italian for “Beautiful Evening,” although it was more Beautiful Day at 2 pm when we were shooting.  And speaking of beautiful, all the places we’ve been filming for Restaurant Week are brilliant!!  These Fairfield owners really know how to decorate, according […]

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Rose here with BizzBuzzTV, checking in while filming Restaurant Week in Fairfield!
It’s been super-fun meeting and interviewing all the friendly faces behind Fairfield’s
finest food. While filming at restaurants, most places have been cooking up a lot
of their meals and treats for us to show off on camera. It’s been especially tough
for me, because after […]

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Opportunity when you least expect it!


As the summer draws closer and the air becomes thick with humidity, college students across the country struggle to find a job for the summer. As a 19 year old film student at the School of Visual Arts in NYC, I found myself in a similar position several months ago.

My father was quite adamant […]

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When AVID Media Composer crashes…

As editors we are subjects of a specific curse: System Failure!

Ihad been working on a piece for the City Lights Gallery in Bridgeport, CT showcasing their new exhibit “Water Works” for several days and everything was coming together nicely and I was in a real creative groove, until it happened. The dreaded spinning wheel of […]

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Welcome To Behind The Scenes

It’s easy to see all of our great videos on by just checking out our website…

But what you don’t know is what went down before we got them there.  

Check out our blog every week to learn what goes on behind the scenes at the BizzBuzzTV Studios!

Do you have entertaining behind the scene […]

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