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Online video marketing

Shearwater Coffee Roasters; A Naturally Sweet Surprise

Eileen McCann, BizzBuzzTV

I need my coffee every morning and I know I’m not the only one. To save time and money, I always brew a pot at home with whatever was on sale at the grocery store.  I’ve never really had a favorite brand in particular, all that concerned me was getting my morning […]

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Push Your Limits

Eileen McCann, BizzBuzzTV

We all want to be happy. Above all else, happiness gives meaning to everything that we do. From work to play, eating, cleaning, dating…even sleeping, all can help make us happy when done right. But I think everyone can agree that there is no stronger component to happiness than exercising. The happiest […]

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Where Are You Headed?

Eileen McCann, BizzBuzzTV
Do you know where you’ll be ten years from now? What about one year from now…or even one day from now? Life is beautiful in this way; the uncertainty and mystery that the future provides. When we’re young, especially, we don’t think about how little decisions that we make every day can […]

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The Pick-Up Attempt

Eileen McCann, BizzBuzzTV

My happy place is a state of mind that can be reached through a number of different acts, one of which is shopping. It sounds simple and maybe even shallow, but I can’t deny the feeling of comfort that a little retail therapy brings me.

Recently I was on the fast track to […]

Grab the Bottle By the Horns

Eileen McCann, BizzBuzzTV

I’m not too familiar with champagne. The last time I drank it was with my family over the summer, my Aunt and Uncle were renewing their wedding vows on the beach and we had a few bottles on ice. After expressing how the act of opening champagne terrified me, my family insisted […]

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The Authentic Athlete

Eileen McCann, BizzBuzzTV

I am an authentic athlete. My body is my tool, it is what sets me apart from the person I’m competing with, and it only develops to the extent that my mind allows it. I am only as good as I let myself be, and I can always be better.

I play on […]

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Get Crafty

Eileen McCann, BizzBuzzTV

Where my babysitters at? Older siblings? Grandparents? Awkward young adults that get caught watching toddlers and realize you have nothing more in common than your love of goldfish crackers and naps? My point is if you’re going to be spending the afternoon or weekend alone with a child any time soon, you should […]

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Refresh Your Hairstyle at Ryan John Salon

Sara V, BizzBuzzTV
When it comes time for a new hairstyle, it is always best to leave it in the hands of professionals. At Ryan John Salon on Post Road in Fairfield, you can only expect perfection. Upon entering the salon, the peaceful and relaxing ambiance is instantly experienced. Customers chat with the stylists, sip […]

Be Center Stage at Glitter & Grime

Sara V, BizzBuzzTV
Calling all future prima ballerinas! Before you pirouette across the stage, get all of your dance attire at Glitter & Grime right in downtown Fairfield. The minute you arrive, the entire store is covered from floor to ceiling in sparkling tutus, colorful leotards, and outfits that will suit any dancer, gymnast, or […]

Stylize Your Beach Days at Swim ‘n Surf

Sara V, BizzBuzzTV
Are you still trying to find that perfect swimsuit before the hot summer months come to an end? Well, the hot spot for bathing suits this summer is right here in downtown Fairfield. Swim ‘n Surf located on Unquowa Road carries everything you need for those awesome beach days. From swimwear, to […]