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Create Your Own Sacred Space at Lion’s Paw & Company

Sara V, BizzBuzzTV
Tucked in the center of Donnelly Walk, Lion’s Paw & Company promotes positivity and peace through your home furnishings. Infusing the power of natural beauty, this unique collection motivates a healthy lifestyle.

Anna Nowak, the creative mind behind Lion’s Paw & Company, says we all deserve our own sacred space. From pillows, to […]

Add a Little Dash ‘N Drizzle To Your Summer Meal

Sara V, BizzBuzzTV
There’s been an exciting new addition to the eclectic mix of shops in downtown Fairfield. Dash ‘N Drizzle, an olive oil and vinegar tasting bar, has opened up on Unquowa Road, providing the opportunity to add a gourmet touch to your every meal. With more than fifty types of olive oil from […]

Fun and Flavor at the Barcelona Wine Dinner

Sara V, BizzBuzzTV
It was a delightful Sunday evening at Barcelona as family and friends sat side by side on the beautiful outdoor patio, sipping their wine and enjoying great company. The scent of barbeque was in the air, perfect for a classic summer meal. Waiters flitted through the crowd, topping off every glass with […]

Find Your Dream Dress at Dama Bianca Bridal

Sara V, BizzBuzzTV
Filled with sparkling gowns and glittering accessories, Dama Bianca Bridal is your wedding paradise. When you enter their brand new location right in the heart of downtown Fairfield, you’ll be dazzled by the twinkling jewels, silk drapery, and the runway of gorgeous gowns. With such a variety of designers and styles, your […]

Eat and Enjoy at Chef’s Table

Sara V, BizzBuzzTV
With music echoing out onto the streets of downtown Fairfield, Chef’s Table is certainly a town treasure. To accompany the tasty food and drink and wonderful live musicians, the friendly faces at Chef’s Table make the whole experience memorable. As customers try out the salad bar, some hot soup, or a nice […]

Chloe’s Closet – A Children’s Boutique That is Unique!

Sara V, BizzBuzzTV
When you wander into Chloe’s Closet, a fun children’s boutique right in Heritage Square in downtown Fairfield, you’ll see for yourself the walls lined with fabulous colors and patterns to add to your child’s closet. From the cutest baby jumper to the sleek party dress, Chloe’s Closet provides an eclectic mix of […]

Hazel Daze: A Funky Home Boutique

Sara V., BizzBuzzTV
To spice up your home this summer, come on down to Hazel Daze on Post Road in Fairfield for exciting gift ideas, pieces by local artists, or that special something to add to your home décor. At first you’ll think you’ve entered an art gallery in lower Manhattan, but Hazel Daze has […]

Chic Jolie – European Fashions in the Center of Fairfield!

Sara V., BizzBuzzTV

The minute you walk into Chic Jolie, the brand new addition to the Brickwalk Promenade in downtown Fairfield, you are instantly transported to a French boutique in the heart of Paris. With rows of vibrant colors, bold designs, and fashionable accessories, Chic Jolie is the best place to be for your summer […]

Online Video Marketing – At Your Service!

Welcome to! As more and more people in Fairfield County, CT and beyond catch a glimpse of our approach to getting the “buzz” out on local businesses via video, they’re asking about who we are and what we can do for their businesses. Good questions!


This blog will give you the low-down on what […]

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