Shearwater Coffee Roasters; A Naturally Sweet Surprise

Eileen McCann, BizzBuzzTV

I need my coffee every morning and I know I’m not the only one. To save time and money, I always brew a pot at home with whatever was on sale at the grocery store.  I’ve never really had a favorite brand in particular, all that concerned me was getting my morning […]

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Where Are You Headed?

Eileen McCann, BizzBuzzTV
Do you know where you’ll be ten years from now? What about one year from now…or even one day from now? Life is beautiful in this way; the uncertainty and mystery that the future provides. When we’re young, especially, we don’t think about how little decisions that we make every day can […]

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The Pick-Up Attempt

Eileen McCann, BizzBuzzTV

My happy place is a state of mind that can be reached through a number of different acts, one of which is shopping. It sounds simple and maybe even shallow, but I can’t deny the feeling of comfort that a little retail therapy brings me.

Recently I was on the fast track to […]

Grab the Bottle By the Horns

Eileen McCann, BizzBuzzTV

I’m not too familiar with champagne. The last time I drank it was with my family over the summer, my Aunt and Uncle were renewing their wedding vows on the beach and we had a few bottles on ice. After expressing how the act of opening champagne terrified me, my family insisted […]

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Restaurant Week: My Plan of Attack

Eileen McCann, BizzBuzzTV

The wait is over and Restaurant Week has arrived! A full week of deliciousness in Fairfield starts this Sunday, October 13th, and ends Saturday, the 19th. Here at BizzBuzzTV, we’ve spent a lot of time recently filming with all of the restaurants involved and we can’t wait to finally get the chance […]

$30 Dinner Menu at Paci Restaurant for Restaurant Week!

Brianna V, BizzBuzzTV
Paci Restaurant in Southport is renowned throughout Connecticut for being one of the best Italian restaurants in the state.  With fine food and a stunning interior that you can’t help but appreciate, Paci is perfect for everything from a first date to a wedding reception. Deanne got to sit down with the […]

Try a Taste of Mexico at Bodega Taco Bar!

Brianna V, BizzBuzzTV
If you’re looking for the best margarita in town, then look no further than Bodega Taco Bar on the Post Road. With about 80 tequilas and a mean cocktail list—including my favorite, the Tomalito—Bodega has a great bar to pop into with some friends for a drink, but the food is also […]

Try the Delicious “Lady Love” Roll at Fin Japanese Restaurant

Brianna V, BizzBuzzTV
There are quite a few good sushi restaurants in town, so it’s safe to say that if they’re still around and doing well, they must be doing something right with all the competition out there. Fin Japanese Restaurant on the Post Road is no exception to that rule—every time I have been […]

Try a Taste of India at Bangalore Restaurant & Bar

Brianna V, BizzBuzzTV
While I was interviewing Haresh—the owner of Bangalore Restaurant & Bar on the Kings Highway Cutoff in Fairfield—I took a quick break while he helped some customers organize catering for a party, and I decided to wander over to the buffet to get a good look at the food they are so […]

Appreciate Some Traditional American Bar Food and Wings at Archie Moore’s

Brianna V, BizzBuzzTV
There’s absolutely no doubt that Archie Moore’s is a Fairfield favorite for locals and visitors alike. Everybody knows they have the best chicken wings around, and they’re a hotspot for both Fairfield University and Sacred Heart University students to sit back with a burger and some wings and enjoy the latest sports […]