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Calling all Chocoholics

Brianna V, BizzBuzzTV

My biggest guilty pleasure here in Fairfield has to be Bob Patchen’s chocolate cake at Paci Restaurant. With four layers of delicious chocolate cake sandwiched with Bob’s delectable cream cheese based chocolate icing, this cake is like a slice of heaven on a plate, served up with a dollop of Paci’s house-made […]

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Colony Grill’s Restaurant Week 2013 Offers!

Brianna V, BizzBuzzTV
Colony Grill located right here in the heart of Fairfield has been a staple in the Fairfield County community for many, many decades now. Its first location opened up in 1935 in Stamford, and since then restaurants have been opened up in both Milford and Fairfield.

The Fairfield location has been open for […]

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Discover the Finest Italian Cuisine Around with Paci’s Veal Milanese

Brianna V, BizzBuzzTV

One of the well-known dishes at Paci Restaurant in Southport is their Veal Milanese. You’d be hard-pressed to find a night in the past 17 years when it hasn’t been on the celebrated menu, and even more hard-pressed to find someone who hasn’t loved the dish once they’ve tried it.

A thin veal […]

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“Fall Forward” Into Fall Fashion at La Moda

 Brianna V, BizzBuzzTV
La Moda Fashions has easily become my favorite clothing store around. And what better place to shop for the fall weather than at their boutique in Fairfield? With the help of the owner Mary and her team of fabulous ladies, Deanne and I got dressed up for the coming months in a segment […]

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Learn to Paddle Board Like A Pro at Fairfield Board Company

Brianna V, BizzBuzzTV
On a sunny Friday in August, Deanne and I took a chance and decided to try some paddle boarding, and what better people to ask for some help than our neighbors at Fairfield Board Company in Heritage Square? The owners Chris and Lindsay have their nifty little shop right around the corner […]

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Stock up on Oktoberfest and Pumpkin Beers at Harry’s!

Brianna V, BizzBuzzTV
It’s almost here, the best season of all in New England: fall. And with fall comes some of the best fashion, the best weather, and, naturally, the best beer. It’s time for Oktoberfest brews and the ever-growing niche of pumpkin ales as well. Oktoberfest beers have been a staple during the fall […]

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Try Some Delicious Linguine with Shrimp at Paci Restaurant!

Brianna V, BizzBuzzTV 
Paci Restaurant in Southport is known for its excellent food, and more specifically its staple dishes that are on the menu the majority of the time. Aside from the Paci Prime—which is my favorite steak on this planet—Paci has a few hidden gems that you’d be crazy to miss.
The linguine with shrimp, […]

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Score at a Bridgeport Bluefish Game!

Wild Weekends in Fairfield
August 2-4, 2013
We hope you have been taking advantage of all the great summer activites this summer. We have something that you’ll score at this weekend!
Bridgeport Bluefish
The Bridgeport Bluefish played their very first game on May 21, 1998 and play at The Ballpark at Harbor Yard. The team mostly consists of veteran […]

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Refresh Your Hairstyle at Ryan John Salon

Sara V, BizzBuzzTV
When it comes time for a new hairstyle, it is always best to leave it in the hands of professionals. At Ryan John Salon on Post Road in Fairfield, you can only expect perfection. Upon entering the salon, the peaceful and relaxing ambiance is instantly experienced. Customers chat with the stylists, sip […]

Be Center Stage at Glitter & Grime

Sara V, BizzBuzzTV
Calling all future prima ballerinas! Before you pirouette across the stage, get all of your dance attire at Glitter & Grime right in downtown Fairfield. The minute you arrive, the entire store is covered from floor to ceiling in sparkling tutus, colorful leotards, and outfits that will suit any dancer, gymnast, or […]