Sara V, BizzBuzzTV

It was a delightful Sunday evening at Barcelona as family and friends sat side by side on the beautiful outdoor patio, sipping their wine and enjoying great company. The scent of barbeque was in the air, perfect for a classic summer meal. Waiters flitted through the crowd, topping off every glass with a wide selection of wines from all over the world. A great place to mingle and make new friends, the lively crowd at Barcelona made this special event one to remember.

The magic combination that made this evening possible was the tasty food of Barcelona and the wine selections of Harry’s Wine and Liquor. Gretchen of Barcelona and William of Harry’s enjoy collaborating to match all the flavors throughout every course of the evening’s meal. When Gretchen and William’s expertise combine, it makes for an exciting night of fun and flavor.

The evening of wine tasting began with a rose, warming up the palette for the rest the dinner. The refreshing salad course was matched with a cool white wine, while the main event featured a suckling pig, served alongside a variety of deeper red selections. As the folks sat around enjoying all of the vibrant flavors, it was the general consensus that the entire evening was a huge hit.

If you are disappointed to have missed such an incredible night, not to worry! Barcelona is hosting their next Patio Wine Dinner on September 15th, make your reservation today!