Eileen McCann, BizzBuzzTV

Where my babysitters at? Older siblings? Grandparents? Awkward young adults that get caught watching toddlers and realize you have nothing more in common than your love of goldfish crackers and naps? My point is if you’re going to be spending the afternoon or weekend alone with a child any time soon, you should listen up. The ways that one can fill their spare time here in Fairfield are endless, but not all are perfect for kids and help a good cause at the same time. In this way, The Pink Pom-Pom Project is truly unique.

The Pink Pom-Pom Project is a non-profit that supports breast cancer awareness. PPPP was founded by a little square owner Alex Currie in October of 2012 with the intent to bring cancer patients, survivors and their family and friends together through crafting as a form of therapy. While the crafting is open to participants of all ages, PPPP has found their niche in teaching kids to craft, and their charity events that involve crafting as well as other fun activities have become a hot spot for kids to spend a fun afternoon.

I avoid children at all costs. Holding them, talking to them. Watching them for an afternoon? Forget about it. And it’s not because I don’t like children, it’s that I’m absolutely clueless around them. I still very much feel like a child myself, so when I look at an actual child I see nothing more than a manifestation of my immaturity and thus experience a screaming realization that I should probably get my act together. I’d rather ignore this, so I do my best to steer clear of the kiddos altogether.

Yet, should I find myself getting roped into a babysitting gig any time soon, I would definitely check to see if PPPP is hosting any events. Rather than wasting money on a movie or risking serious injury in an afternoon of hide-and-seek, I can take them to something like Wiggle & Giggle which was just a few weeks ago. Wiggle & Giggle was an afternoon of arts and crafts, hula-hooping, games, prizes and plenty more. And while events like these are aimed at kids, there no restrictions against adults getting in on the fun as well (especially adults that think of themselves as kids still). By the time you leave the kids will be tired, fed, and may have potentially just planted the seeds of what will grow and blossom into a beautiful career in crafting! Okay that’s an extreme, but it could happen.

So explore the possibilities! Keep the kids happy, keep yourself happy, stay involved in Fairfield’s community and most importantly, help a good cause. The Pink Pom-Pom Project is a rapidly growing organization and they host events often, so stop in to the next one and comment here about your experience!