Sara V, BizzBuzzTV

Tucked in the center of Donnelly Walk, Lion’s Paw & Company promotes positivity and peace through your home furnishings. Infusing the power of natural beauty, this unique collection motivates a healthy lifestyle.

Anna Nowak, the creative mind behind Lion’s Paw & Company, says we all deserve our own sacred space. From pillows, to tablecloths, to even a gorgeous pair of earrings, any item in this store will help you create that special environment that is both luxurious and puts you at ease. Anna features a wide selection of one-of-a-kind pieces including natural art, such as stones and crystals, to create a calming balance of nature and beautiful craftsmanship.

In addition to promoting positive energy, Anna also has fair trade products in her collection. This guarantees the product was made without cruelty to animals or child labor, and also creates safe jobs for women in villages all over the world. Anna continues to help people by holding workshops with guest speakers once a month. While the visitors see the ability to make their home their own sanctuary, the speakers spread the word about empowering others through a healthier lifestyle.

Come join us at Lion’s Paw & Company during the Sidewalk Sale on July 27th. There will be some fantastic deals on pillows, silks, jewelry, and so much more!