Brianna V, BizzBuzzTV

I am all for fall. It is my favorite season—especially for fashion—and the opportunities to dress your best are endless. It’s not like summer, when it’s too hot to look good in more than shorts and a tank top, and it’s not like winter, when you’re so bundled up in fluffy down jackets and three layers of leggings and pants that there’s nothing much to see except a down-feather-clad yeti.

How I typically look in the cold weather

How I typically look (and feel) in the cold weather

So now that the weather has finally decided to match the season and things are getting cold fast, we need the clothes to match up with this ever-changing weather. And that’s where Mary and her ladies at La Moda come in. They have all the clothes and fashion sense to help you choose what you look best and feel most comfortable in as the temperature drops. Fall is full of beautiful color schemes, the smoothest leather jackets, and leggings and blazers and all the clothes a girl can ask for, and La Moda has it all for even the pickiest of fashionistas. The last time I wandered in there, Mary taught Deanne and I how to layer in a way that doesn’t—thankfully—make us look like yetis. She showed us how to bundle up for the cold without overdoing it and looking completely ridiculous, and I learned so much about how to stay warm and still look good.

So for all your cold-weather fashion queries, head to La Moda to dress your best in this unpredictable New England weather, and stay tuned to the Buzz Blog and to keep up with the ever-changing trends!