Eileen McCann, BizzBuzzTV

We all want to be happy. Above all else, happiness gives meaning to everything that we do. From work to play, eating, cleaning, dating…even sleeping, all can help make us happy when done right. But I think everyone can agree that there is no stronger component to happiness than exercising. The happiest people I know with the most positive outlook on life are all those that exercise regularly. Now I’m not going to get into scientific detail about why working out is good for you—if you don’t accept this fact already then I’m not sure we have much more to discuss. I’ll leave all the reasoning to this single statement from Reese Witherspoon in Legally Blonde:

“Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. Happy people just don’t shoot their husbands.”

And she’s right. Exercise does release endorphins in the body which usually evoke feelings of happiness. But for someone like me, who makes it a point to exercise regularly, I find it hard to keep my workouts interesting and fun. Working out can quickly become monotonous and something that one may dread, and not necessarily because it’s difficult but rather it’s just plain boring.

I have aspirations of joining classes one day to spice up my workout routine. Yoga, kickboxing, Pilates…yeah, they’re all on the list. Sure these are all things I’d like to do, but know that I never will until I’m done with school, or find a friend to go with me, or what have you. And so for now, they’re all neatly tucked away in my “To-Do” drawer, until recently anyway. A few weeks ago I was called out! I was asked to stop talking and start acting and get my butt to a spin class. At first I was excited to try something new, and between you and me, my original thought was: Well how hard can spinning be? Famous last words.

Luckily for you and not-so-luckily for me, BizzBuzzTV’s cameras were there to catch every wonderfully sweaty, painstaking, exhilarating minute of my workout at Zen Ride here in Fairfield. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the class was much more than a scrupulous workout, but an entire mind-body experience that left me truly understanding what it means to push myself to my physical limits. I left the class smiling, out of breath, and looking forward to coming back.

Happiness isn’t a destination, but a serious of choices we make every day. From what you eat in the morning, to what music you listen to, to how you workout…all are seemingly small choices that play a big role in your happiness. For me, my experience at Zen Ride was a breakthrough. It opened my eyes to an entirely different kind of workout and served to make my own happiness and inner-peace just a little bit more attainable.

So let’s see what you’re made of! Push your own limits and find your own happiness. Stop in to Zen Ride in Fairfield for a spin and comment here on the Buzz Blog to let me know how it went. The first ride’s on the house!
For your own consideration, I’ve attached a link to an article about the ways that small, every day decisions can affect your happiness. Check it out!