Eileen McCann, BizzBuzzTV

The wait is over and Restaurant Week has arrived! A full week of deliciousness in Fairfield starts this Sunday, October 13th, and ends Saturday, the 19th. Here at BizzBuzzTV, we’ve spent a lot of time recently filming with all of the restaurants involved and we can’t wait to finally get the chance to jump on the great deals we’ve been learning about. So instead of telling you how great Restaurant Week is and how you’d be crazy not take advantage of it, I’ll tell you how I plan to make the most of it.

 DAY 1: The week kicks off on a Sunday, a day of rest. I like to spend my Sundays recovering from the week, relaxing and preparing for the week ahead. It’s a great day to catch up with my family, and what better way than a sit-down meal? I’m thinking a nice steak and some adult beverages would be perfect, so my first RW indulgence will be at one of the several steakhouses offering specials for the week.

 DAY 2: Three words: Monday Night Football. Two more words: Archie Moore’s. Burgers, drinks, great wings and phenomenal service are a standard at Archie Moore’s and my football-crazed friends love going there to catch the game.

 DAY 3: Tuesday’s don’t have to be so bad, especially this week. My roommate and I usually do Chinese take-out, but we’re steppin’ it up this Tuesday and going out for Asian cuisine. But with six different Asian restaurants offering deals, the hard part will be deciding where to go. It all depends on how hungry we are so knowing us, we’re going to try them all.

 DAY 4: Thanks to the hump-day camel, there has been a national resurgence of enthusiasm for Wednesdays. But I’ve found that quoting the camel gets old around noon, and then I realize that it’s just another Wednesday and the week’s not nearly complete. I’m taking a stand this Wednesday and breaking up the mid-week monotony with a nice lunch! I suggest you do the same, it can be quite liberating.

DAY 5: Thursday; it’s Friday-Eve! Sure, I’ll celebrate. With over 30 restaurants to snag great deals from this week, you’d be a fool not to. At the end of this post is a list of all of them. Close your eyes, point to the screen, and there you go! You have your Thursday night destination. You’re welcome.

DAY 6: Friday! (Insert welcoming sigh of relief here) Friday is date night. I’m thinking one of the more intimate restaurants, maybe one that provides dinner by candle light? Sure, I don’t actually have a date for Friday night but I fail to see how that’s relevant.

 DAY 7: My Saturday is usually spent thinking about my Saturday night. No work, no school, no reason to stress. I just want to socialize, be around great people and yes, obviously I want to dance. Most of the restaurants in RW have a great nightlife scene so I’ll have no problem making my Saturday a good one.

I can’t wait to put my plan for Restaurant Week into action. I’d love to know what YOU plan to make of Restaurant Week, comment here on the Buzz Blog and let us know!


Below I’ve included list of all participating restaurants and their deals for you to check out!

Restaurant Week List