Brianna V, BizzBuzzTV

While I was interviewing Haresh—the owner of Bangalore Restaurant & Bar on the Kings Highway Cutoff in Fairfield—I took a quick break while he helped some customers organize catering for a party, and I decided to wander over to the buffet to get a good look at the food they are so renowned for. Before I could glance at just a few of the dishes offered, a couple stopped me and asked me what the interview was for, and proceeded to sing nothing but high praises for Bangalore and the service and food they offer. And once I sat down to actually try some of the lunch buffet, I could see exactly what that couple was talking about. The food was fresh, flavorful, and absolutely delicious.

For Restaurant Week this year, Bangalore has an extensive menu, with everything from a $9.95 weekday lunch buffet (and take it from personal experience—it is amazing) to a $20 vegetarian dinner and $25 non-vegetarian dinner. And with cocktails to add to the experience with names like Slumdog Millionaire, Bangalore can’t be missed! If you’re looking to branch out with your culinary tastes and try something new then absolutely give Bangalore a try this Restaurant Week!