Eileen McCann, BizzBuzzTV
My happy place is a state of mind that can be reached through a number of different acts, one of which is shopping. It sounds simple and maybe even shallow, but I can’t deny the feeling of comfort that a little retail therapy brings me.
Recently I was on the fast track to my happy place, cruisin’ through the mall feeling more peaceful with each step when suddenly my mental sanctuary was infiltrated. A perpetrator in the form of a young man had the nerve to abandon his assembly of friends and trip and fall down directly in my path to enlightenment…and Forever 21. I soon learned this tumble was no accident. The tripper rose to his knees and as his giggling gang looked on he stared directly at me and said: “Oh no, I’ve fallen for you.” His friends burst out in laughter and I couldn’t help but do the same. It was a bold gesture and a well-balanced mixture of harmless, funny and flattering.
Regardless of the level of cheese that comes with the pick-up line, you’ve got to give your suitor a little credit for the display of courage alone and, at the very least, dignify it with a fake name and number. So while my tripping Romeo was nice enough and meant well, he met my alias Ashley Carpenter from the 914 and I got back to my Sunday.
buzz off
There were a million different ways to handle this situation, and with failed pick-up attempts at an all-time high, those who find themselves the subject of these efforts have got to start getting creative in how they respond.
Concerning romance, relationships, and all things related to love, everyone has their own opinion molded by their own experiences. There is no right or wrong answer when dealing with matters of the heart. This truth is explored in Keeping Connected with Trevor Crow, which brings together different panels of men and women of varying ages, occupations and sexual orientations to voice their thoughts on love, sex, romance and everything in between.
Check out the panel’s take on pick-up lines  and see what else has been discussed on Keeping Connected, all available at BizzBuzzTV’s YouTube Channel and please comment here on the Buzz Blog about how you would have handled my enounter.
Bad pick-up attempts are an epidemic, but we can fight it if we stick together!